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Soul Land Season 1 Episode 135 Episode 135 2018

Tang San wakes up to find a Soft Bone Demon Rabbit near by comes to realise it's Xiao Wu long side Yearning Heartbroken Red (flower). He knows Yearning Heartbroken Red has life saving uses it on Rabbit (Xiao Wu). After waiting for 10 days Tang San realises Rabbit (Xiao Wu) isn't Recognising him. Er'Ming (Titan Giant Ape) tells Rabbit is just body of Xiao Wu and lost her 1,00,000 years of cultivation and soul as she had used extreme method of sacrifice to save him. Er'Ming after having discussion with Da'Ming (Azure Sky Bull Python) tells Tang San that to save Xiao Wu, he must fulfil 3 conditions, first of which is to collect 3 medicine plants. 1. 10,000 year old Sacred Soul Grass to awaken her soul 2. 10,000 year Ginseng King Grade 9 to reshape her human form 3. Neidan from Ancient Spirit Beast to unite her soul and body

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