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Blue Dragon Trials of the Seven Shadows Episode 51 Blue Sky 2008

Things aren't looking good for Rosekstan and Shu's allies. Just then, the Shu/Blue Dragon emerges with Primella in its hand. Primella wakes up as she is given to Dr. Tarkovsky and General Szabo. Rudolph emerges from the war machine and fights the Shu/Blue Dragon. They match blow to blow until Rudolph uses his intangibility to keep the Shu/Blue Dragon from hitting him and then multiplies to attack the Shu/Blue Dragon. With help from Primella, the Shu/Blue Dragon destroys the duplicates. The Shu/Blue Dragon collides its punch with Rudolph's punch. The hopes of Shu's allies, Marumaro's siblings, and even the thought-dead Conrad, Griz, and Daner help give the Shu/Blue Dragon the strength to fight Rudolph. Their combined attacks results in an explosion that destroys the winged creatures and the dragons that Rudolph had summoned. As the Shu/Blue Dragon falls to the ground, Rudolph starts to crack up and explode taking his war machine with him.

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