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Blue Dragon Trials of the Seven Shadows Episode 5 The Rotting Pyramid 2008

Shu's party crosses the desert to find a huge pyramid and right across was Heliut, a town with many casinos. In the town, they find Legolas, their leader of the resistance who came to Heliut to procure enough funds for his resistance by going to the casinos. He ended up to his life in debt to Mayor Heliut the IV after Legolas lost it. It was during the conversation suddenly, the pyramid began to rise and starting moving towards the town launching its bricks toward Heliut. The armies of Mayor Heliut the IV fail to stop it. Attempting to settle his debt by saving Heliut, Legolas sends Shu's party to demolish the pyramid after speaking to Mayor Heliut the IV. Bouquet and Hippopotamus merge with Shu's Blue Dragon as Marumaro unleashes Saber Tiger. Every attack that the Bouquet/Blue Dragon does to the pyramid, it rebuilds itself. Mayor Heliut the IV tells Legolas that if anything happens to his city, he will hold Legolas responsible. Noi comes with a plan which involves Bouquet splitting from Blue Dragon and merging with Saber Tiger. When the Bouquet/Saber Tiger gets close, Shu has Blue Dragon attack followed by the Bouquet/Saber Tiger attacking the core. When they managed to stop the pyramid, they discover that one of Mikhail's Dragon Scales was placed in a mummy. After being congratulated by Mayor Heliut the IV, the group learns that Legolas' deal to him was that they would stop the pyramid in exchange for being free from his debt. While Shu angrily chases after Legolas, Bouquet, Marumaro, and Noi enjoy their stay in Heliut.

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