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Big Wolf on Campus Season 3 Episode 18 Switch Me Baby One More Time 2001

A girl who is obsesed with Lori switches bodies with her. Tommy and Merton don't believe Lori in Alices's body but become suspicious at Alice in Lori's body, because she doesn't know what 'wolf out' means. They become even more suspicious when 'Lori' cries. Their suspicions are confirmed when 'Alice' knows Tommy's sercret and 'Lori' doesn't. A subplot is Merton has his own tv show in which a guest star is an rival of his. 'Alice' 'Lori' and Tommy(wolfed out) crash it. Merton averts the camera. The strange creature that Mertons rival Fong (remember him?) brought gets removed from its own body by Alice, in Lori's body. Metron tells them that the three of them have to hold each others hands to undo what Alice did. With the help of Fong they get the three to hold hands. Lori pulls the creature from her body and the creature(what was it called?) pulls Alice from it's body and Alice disappears.

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