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Big Wolf on Campus Season 3 Episode 14 The Boy Who Tried Wolf 2001

Tommy accidentally bites Merton, turning him into a werewolf too while a Werewolf Hunter was in town. Lori and Tommy told him to use wolfsbane to reverse him back into fully human before he becomes fully werewolf, but Merton tricks them, and he continues his life as a werewolf. Tommy and Merton have a little fun because now Merton is athletic. But Merton is not like Tommy, because he becomes evil and causes trouble in Pleasantville. All of Tommy's plans to retrieve Merton and change him back had failed. There are only two ways to get rid of a werewolf: A silver bullet through the heart, which is obviously out; and Werewolf anti-bodies, which Lori has in her bloodstream from when she almost turned. The only problem with that is there is a possibility that she will turn too. Merton tricks Tommy into the trap he fell into and Tommy almost gets tranquilized. Merton uses silver-nitrate gas to weaken Tommy. Lori tells Merton that she's decided to be a werewolf too and Merton bites but then c

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