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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Capsule Monsters Episode 5 Eye of the Storm 2006

The gang is transported to a desert where they come across a village. A little girl from the village brings them to an old man where they receive another riddle and a pentagon shaped necklace, which Téa holds onto. The gang’s first challenge is to silence the whisper that rides the desert wind. They hear a voice from outside telling them to turn back, but the gang goes out into the desert to face the voice. Medusa Worms and a sandstorm attack the group while trying to find the voice. Because of the storm the gang begins to attack each other thinking they are Medusa worms. Yami heads to the eye of the storm in order to defeat the whisper. In the storm, a masked man tells Yami Yugi to use the armor to merge with his most trusted monster; Yami chooses Dark Magician and forms dual armor. When he gets to the eye of the storm, he finds that the whisper is really Mystical Sand. Yami easily defeats the witch but becomes tired in the process. Yugi takes over and the gang discusses what transpired. A triangle on the pentagon necklace changes color to red, indicating they completed the challenge, and a new doorway appears leading them to the next challenge.

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