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Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Capsule Monsters Episode 10 The Fiendish Five (2) 2006

The heroes attack with Seiryu, Dark Witch, Thunder Dragon, Shovel Crush, and Happy Lover - monster of light. However, their attacks prove useless against the Five-Headed Dragon/Fiendish Five. A villager prays to the dragon of light and it emerges from its tablet, revealing itself as Blue-eyes White Dragon; it fuses with the Pharaoh, who uses its power and the sword's to put an end to the Fiendish Five. Alexander warns that Dr. Alex Brisbane is possessed by his dark side; he once wore a "lucky charm" - the Millennium Ring - which caused his soul to split in two. Though he did win, his inner evil prevented him from opening the door; his good side was imprisoned in the game, while his evil side wondered the pyramid. Using Grandpa as a vessel, Alexander escapes the game and fights with his evil side in Brisbane; however, his evil side proves too strong, and he tricks Grandpa into giving him the key. They all race to the room at the top of the pyramid, where a struggle ensues. They end up falling into a void, where Shadi awaits them.

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